Dinner Date Outfits

So you guys have probably heard me talk about my “uniform” before – you know, the one that involves boyfriend jeans and a white flowy top…yup that one.  My boyfriend claims white flowy tops make up 90% of my closet and he might be right.  But to me – when you find that one look that you love, you keep it.  Am I right?

This past weekend we went to Ocean City, Maryland for an impromptu night trip.  With spur of the moment things – those are the moments I find myself loving my “uniform” the most.  There was no last minute throwing clothes around the room – I knew exactly what I would feel comfortable in for near any event we might encounter while at the beach.

I am currently in the search to refresh my “uniform” a bit and am loving these options…

  • Patchwork Boyfriend Jeans – literally a STEAL at $38.
  • The EX Boyfriend Jean – loooove this color, the patches and the cutoff bottoms.
  • Shredded Boyfriend Jeans – how cool are the ripped bottoms of these? top
  • Embroidered top – the cutouts and the design on this are everything needed to spice up my “uniform”
  • OTS top – I am not the biggest over the shoulder fan – but the sleeves on this blouse might just make me one!

What are your go-to looks?

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