Why Postmates is SO Great

Have any of you city goers tried out Postmates yet?  I recently downloaded the Postmates app to get an idea of what all the recent hype was about and I instantly found myself gushing over how great it was.  Postmates combines the concept of that of a Grubhub delivery service mixed with Uber – plus the options of what you can order via Postmates is amazing in itself.  On Postmates you can choose to order from your favorite local places, to chain restaurants like the Cheesecake Factory, to fast food joints like Mickey D’s or Taco Bell, to beer/wine shops and finally from retail stores like Toy’s R Us and Staples for those times you run out of printer paper or when your little one is having a rough day and could use a little pick me up.

I ordered Indian my first go around using the app and it was here within 25 minutes.  Nearly half the time it typically takes for my food to be ordered.  The whole experience was so pleasant and fast I can absolutely say I will be a Postmates fan for life.

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