Designer Dresses for Less

I rarely buy things full price, I guess it is just the thrifty shopper in me.  I love scouring racks and websites to see what deals I can find – I always have been that way and most likely will always be this way.  So when I heard about Current Boutique, which is an online SUPERSTORE for pre-loved designer goodies, I was already hooked.

The website is super shop-able, giving you a Shop by Look, Designer and Trend section.  I spent about an hour the first time I ever visited Current Boutique ‘s online shop just browsing through the sections.  I am not kidding when I saw you can score some seriously great deals on designer goods.  From Hermes bracelets, to Gucci belts to this amazing Leifnotes dress I am wearing – Current Boutique has something for everyone at a budget friendly price-point.

Current Boutique has done a great job establishing a huge supportive community of bloggers, influencers and fashionistas since it was first founded in 2007 by the fabulous owner, Carmen Lopez.  Now it is your turn to take some time to check it out and see what the hype is about – you will NOT be disappointed with what you see!


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