Packing Essentials

Packing for trips can be super overwhelming.  Between the worry of forgetting something, not having the perfect outfit for that spur of the moment outing or maybe just the constant fear of over-packing to the point where your bag is no longer check-able at the airport….packing is tough.  I constantly have a mental checklist in my head of what I should be bringing on all of my trips and I wanted to share some of my favorite items I pack in my carry-on.

Here are my Top 10 items to bring on ANY trip :

  1. Headphones – I kick myself when I forget a pair of headphones.  A flight without them can feel endless, am I right?!  I try to always keep a tiny pair of the iPhone compatible ones in my bag but lately I have been loving these large sound blocking ones from Sudio Sweden.
  2. A Good Book – to keep you occupied!  I joined Book of the Month Club which is a monthly subscription service that provides you a new book of your choosing.  Its affordable and I love that the books sent are hardbacks!
  3. Sunglasses – I personally can’t go anywhere without a pair of sunglasses.  I have gone away and realized I did not bring a pair, then immediately went out to buy a pair! Right now I am super into these pink aviators .
  4. Sunscreen – This SuperGoop travel set is perfect to pop in your bag and comes with all of the essentials!
  5. Water – I can NEVER get enough water.  I am like a fish with how much I drink.  I need to buy a bottle before I get on the plane or if I am driving, I pack a whole case sometimes! I have been all about flavored waters lately and this Core Organic Watermelon Lemonade has been my drink of the summer!
  6. Foundation – I am totally find if I don’t pack any makeup as long as I have my foundation!  Coola recently came out with a line of BB Cream’s that I AM OBSESSED WITH.  They go on so smoothly, look natural, are light and smell incredible – plus they have SPF in them which is always an added bonus.
  7. A Granola Bar – Protein/Granola whichever works!  Always useful to have one on hand for those times you get stuck in traffic or your plane is delayed! I personally LOVE ThinkThin– the Cookies and Cream flavor is the bombdotcom.
  8. Phone Charger – this is an OBVIOUS, because what would we all do if our phones were dead….but seriously though.
  9. Advil – yep, another must!  To relieve headaches, reduce pimples…..Advil is always a need and the times you don’t have it, you will be wishing you had it!
  10. Deodorant – what a way to close the list…..but hey, lets face it.  We all need it.

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