Best Brunch Spot : Bud and Marilyn’s 

Living in a foodie city like Philadelphia can be a blessing and a curse.  Blessing for the wonderful food, curse for my diet.  This past weekend a couple girlfriends and I decided to hit up one of the places on our Brunch Bucket List – Bud & Marilyn’s.

Located right at the corner of Locust and 13th St, Bud & Marilyn’s is an aesthetic dream.  The interior design, the tables, the decor, the lighting can all be lumped into an art deco/Great Gatsby vibe.  Moody dark corners mixed with a fun contemporary style bar make this restaurant scene a unique one for sure.  We were seated pretty quickly and got our first glance at their amazing brunch menu.

First thing first, drinks.  I got the Green Gatsby martini ( very fitting name ) – which was a mix of gin, chartreuse, rosemary and lemon.  It was refreshing, a bit strong but completely delish.  We split the Warm Pecan Cinnamon Roll and it quite possibly could have been the best decision I have made in a long time.  Oozing with cream cheese, pecans and warm cinnamon – one was really not enough for us.  For my meal I went with their Yogurt Bowl and a side of Home Fries.  Both were excellent, but to be totally real with you – next time I go back I am devoting my whole trip to that Cinnamon Roll.

I suggest making a reservation before you head over as seating is limited and the waiting room is pretty small….but if you do not have a chance, it is worth the wait.

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