My Week in LA

This post is long over due, but hey sometimes the madness of summer gets the best of you. The beginning of my August is filled with wonderful memories for me, all stemming from one incredible trip out to the West Coast.  I spent a week in LA and really, that was just not enough time.  I am not sure if it was walking around the Hollywood Hills or driving down the Pacific Coast, either way I really began to question why I live on the East Coast.

Los Angeles is great for so many reasons, but for me, I think the weather is at the top of the list. Looking at my weather app, seeing all sun and 75 degrees for the next 10 days was life changing. The moment I stepped off the plane, had the warmth of the sun on my shoulders, saw the palm trees and felt, ZERO humidity – I knew this was the place for me.  I could write an extensive travel log of everything we did over the course of that week, I mean I really could because everything we did was just plain amazing – but instead I am going to limit myself to just my 5 favorite things we did in LA.

  1. See a concert at the Hollywood Bowl – to be perfectly honest, this might have been the top experience of not just my trip but my entire life.  Situated in the Hollywood Hills, overlooking the Hollywood Sign is the Hollywood Bowl concert venue.  We saw the LA Philharmonic, they were great, led by an awesome female conductor and an added bonus is when the LA Phil plays, you can bring your own alcohol to the concert.  We grabbed a couple bottles of chardonnay with us, but they also sell bottles/have several bars throughout the concourse.  With at least 7-8 gourmet food stands ranging from sushi to tacos, dinner is covered as well at the Bowl.  I cannot rave enough about how perfect it was listening to classical music, drinking wine and watching the sun go down over the Hills.  Truly a memory worth a lifetime and something to add to your LA bucket list ASAP.
  2. Biking the Beaches – you can rent bikes at any of the beach cities and ride them up/down the coast.  We hopped on at Hermosa Beach, rode all the way down to Palos Verdes then back up to Manhattan Beach.  The whole trip was about 12 miles of beautiful scenery.  Great way to get a workout in and see the gorgeous Cali coastline.
  3. Griffith Park Observatory – with full views of all of LA including the Hollywood sign,  I would suggest making this your first stop when arriving.  We went on day 1 of our trip and it only made me more excited/fall more in love with the city.  We went mid-day and walked about a mile to the top.  For the more adventurous, park at the base and walk the 6 mile hike to the top.  We planned to go back to see the sunset one night but sadly never made it..
  4. Walk around the Beverly Hills Hotel – one of the most iconic hotels in the world with its banana leaf wallpaper and perfect pink accents.  I had been counting down the days until we were able to visit the BHH.  Honestly, the hotel was my idea of heaven.  I am ready to pack my bags and move in, like yesterday.  You could feel the luxury of Old Hollywood as you walked along the halls.  Absolutely pristine in every way, make sure you stop and get a milkshake at the famous Fountain Coffee Room!
  5. Grab a meal, or two at Lot 579 in Huntington Beach.  We went for dinner one night to Lot 579 – the outdoor shopping plaza with the coolest warehouse style food court. I got a Spaghetti Grilled Cheese sandwich paired with a Key Lime Pie beer.  To top it off I had Graham Cracker Ice Cream for dessert.  Seriously a foodies paradise.

Writing this post already has me thinking of ways to get back to LA before the year is over….

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