How Using a Diffuser Totally Changed How I Sleep

Those that know me best would probably put me in the Worlds Worst Sleeper category.  I have always had issues with sleep whether it be falling asleep or staying asleep.  I toss and turn trying to turn my mind off – its a constant battle… is anyone else with me?!

I have tried Z-quil, all natural melatonin, sleepy time teas…. nothing has really helped until I partnered up with Vitruvi a few weeks ago.  Vitruvi is a company that specializes in essential oils and aromatherapy.  They sent me a smattering of their favorite products and included with that was their White Stone Diffuser.  The diffuser is literally so beautiful and that is something I never thought I would say about a diffuser…but it is.  It blends in perfectly with my room and its small enough to hardly notice.

In the beginning, I used the diffuser a few times while trying to read or do work – enjoying the light scent that filled the room and the relaxing noise it made.  I did not realize the full extent of how amazing the diffuser was until I put it on one night as I was going to bed. I mixed a little bit of the Lavender and Bergamot oil together, it only took about 15 minutes for me to not only feel totally relaxed but nearly fall asleep.  The dreamy mixture filled the air, the light water sound of the diffuser relaxed me enough to turn my brain and its thousand thoughts off – for once I got an incredible nights sleep.

I am so addicted to my diffuser, I now use it nightly and have brought it on a few weekend trips ( its small enough to pack! ).  If you are a poor sleeper or are looking for a new way to truly relax, I HIGHLY recommend checking out Vitruvi and their full line of aromatherapy products.

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