Rosé into Fall? 

So we all know Rosé is the drink of spring and summer – but does it have a life after that?  YES.  Of course it does.  Rosé is not just a trend, its a lifestyle for some and it is absolutely a drink you can have all year round.  Traditionally when you think of Rosé, you think of the beach, sunshine, outdoor happy hours – but you can enjoy a crisp glass all year round….and here is why.

  1. Rosé is a light wine, so it pairs nicely with those heavy winter foods i.e … sweet potatoes, turkey, green beans.  Many people switch to red in the winter, but sticking with Rosé you will find those big meals feel a little lighter with it.
  2. Rosé can be very fruity, but others can be very dry – as we move towards the colder months a crisp, dry glass of wine is the perfect way to end the evening.
  3. The color.  Yes we all love the pink tones – and they go well with all of the bridal showers and baby showers we attend throughout the fall.
  4. Rosé and Pumpkin – sounds gross, but they actually can be a nice compliment.  A light, crisp Rosé paired with a Pumpkin Squash Pasta dish is LIFE CHANGING.
  5. Rosé is REFRESHING.  Put on your comfy scarf, your boots, light your pumpkin candle and enjoy the cool breeze this fall with a pretty glass of pink Rosé

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