Denim on Denim

This past weekend I visited Pittsburgh for the first time.  Being from a family that loved traveling I have been fortunate enough to visit a lot of states, cities, countries…etc – so it is definitely rare for me to go to a city I have never been to before.  Especially one in close proximity to where I live.  A fairly easy 5 hour car ride down the PA Turnpike is all it takes to get to Pittsburgh – super simple.  I love trips where I can hop in the car in the morning and be at my destination by lunch.

Since it was my first time in Pittsburgh – I wanted to hit all of the touristy spots.  The famous beer gardens, areas with the best views of the city and the ever so colorful Randyland which provided the perfect backdrop for all of my photos.  With all the walking we were doing from tourist spot to tourist spot – I knew I had to dress accordingly.  That meant comfy clothes and good walking shoes.  I think in the past few years I have perfected the art of being comfy while still looking semi trendy.  This weekends outfit included my favorite Boyfriend Jeans, a Graphic T ( I have become super obsessed with them lately ), a easy to throw on jacket and my favorite Adidas sneakers.  What are some of your favorite travel looks?

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