Graphic T Obsessed 

Once I leave my 9-5, I have been all about that casual lifestyle lately.  AKA looking comfy, feeling comfy, being comfy.  The great thing about the retail landscape and evolving trends is that comfort can come affordable while still keeping you fashionable – without the whole sweatpants sweatshirt feel.

Graphic T’s have become a huge part of my weekend wardrobe.  They are fun, easy to wear and can really be away to express yourself through fashion.  Even better – SO many stores have jumped on the Graphic T bandwagon.  You can find them in places like Urban Outfitters, AE, Revolve and even Etsy.   I have rounded up a a few of my favorite T’s to share with you guys!

  1. Classic Levi’s Graphic T
  2. AE Van Halen Band T
  3. Always on Vacation T
  4. Nasa T
  5. AE Upstate T
  6. Etsy Workout T
  7. Tommy Hilfiger Logo T

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