How to Wear Overalls and Not Look Like a Farmer

So I have been wanting to jump on the Overall train for a while now but have honestly been scared.  Some girls look SOO cute in them but I was not sure I could pull it off.  I was afraid I would be walking the line of trendy vs farmer and would end up looking more farmer… but after hours of Pinterest scrolling outfit inspiration I finally decided to take the plunge.

The first day I wore them out I was SO nervous.  I paired my newly purchased overalls with a white blouse and some fun orange booties I had.  Never had I received so many compliments on one outfit!!! After a few different outings in the overall I am finally confident rocking this look, which is half the battle of having great style – confidence.  So my tips for you on how to rock your overalls….

  1. Avoid flannels – this might be pushing the down on the range feel a little more towards the farmer side
  2. Pair your look with more feminine pieces..i.e a flowy blouse, soft colors, delicate jewelry
  3. Heels – for a shorty like me to pull of the overall look, heels are a must.  They make my legs look longer

Outfit links : OverallsBootiesBlouse.

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