I am sure at this point you have seen about 15 other posts that all start with “New Year, New…something or another “….. am I right?  In all honesty though there really is something exciting about a new year.  Whether it is a chance to begin again, to try something differently, to change yourself or something about your life.  For me, this want for change has been an ongoing one for many, many years.  To give myself some credit, I have done a decent job making minor adjustments and improvements to my end goal – but never fully committing 100%.

Let’s get down to what this really is about.  Really -I have watched other girls totally transform their lifestyles, diets and ultimately their bodies online.  Its so inspiring and I have always found myself thinking ” you can do this!”.  Well this year its finally my time.  I am taking the first step forward to a new lifestyle.  In 2018 I not only want to change my way of thinking about my life, my goals and my intentions – but I want to change my way of thinking about food, exercise and the products I use in my life.  So what does this all mean?  It means a NEW BLOG DIRECTION IS COMING RIGHT ATCHA, RIGHT NOW!

Blonde on Earth 2.0 version 2018 will be evolving into a more lifestyle conscious blog.  Focusing on diet, nutrition, exercise and beauty.   For years I have watched countless people change their lives and now its my turn.  That being said, I do not want you guys to be like me.  Do not just be a reader be a DO-ER!  Challenge yourself to take this journey with me – whether it be trying a workout I recommend or a meal prep I am trying out.  Lets do this together.  Lets make 2018 the year of US.

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