3 Ingredient Protein Pancakes

If you are like me, you love breakfast but hate how much work you have to put into making a yummy breakfast meal.  The last thing I want to do when I first wake up in the morning is cook. SOOO I found the solution for us all – 3 Ingredient Protein Pancakes.

No joke, this recipe is super easy to follow and takes less than 5 minutes.  Grab your favorite protein powder, I use Tone It Up Coconut Protein Powder – which you can now buy on Amazon ! Mix that with 1 mashed banana and 2 eggs.  While you are mixing up your 3 ingredients, heat up your pan with some coconut oil on high heat.  Once its all warmed up and ready to go – spoon out your first round of pancakes.  I like mine smaller so I aim for them to be about the size of a Silver Dollar.  ALSO just a disclaimer, the first batch is never the best – I like to think of those first guys as the testers, the rest is up hill from here.

The fun part about these pancakes is that they can be jazzed up anyway you like.  Traditional with syrup or extra with coconut flakes, fruit and honey.  Get creative!

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