Why SoulCycle is Worth The Hefty Price Tag

At this point the SoulCycle hype is oh-so real.  Whether its an A-list celeb, your co-worker or your neighbor – everyone has hopped on the SoulCycle train.  For those of you who have not joined the “cult” like obsession that is SoulCycle – what is it?  The best way I can summarize all that SoulCycle is – it is a high intensity, 45 minute disco party workout…on a spin bike.

I have on and off been doing classes for almost 2 years now and I can honestly say I understand the hype surrounding it.  The studio near me is BEAUTIFUL.  Always super clean and bright.  The bathrooms are stocked with incredible products…I mean they think of everything for your pre/post class needs.  Dry shampoo, face wash, hair ties and the showers are stocked with Le Labo products that are quite honestly the best smelling things I have ever tried.   Oh and did I mention they are packs of gum for your to grab a piece from before starting your ride.

The ride itself is always something different, but you can expect on average the same types of moves.  It took me 3 full classes to feel comfortable with the different sequences and almost 5 classes to really understand the Soul concept of riding to the beat.  The two studios near me ( Armore, PA and Philadelphia ) have a rotation of about 6 instructors – each bringing their own flair to their rides.  I try to target the classes where I know the instructors will play more electronic and rap music because that motivates me.  I also am a huge fan of the theme rides – still obsessing over a Mumford and Sons ride I did a few weeks back.  On average I burn anywhere from 450 – 600 calories per class, depending on how hard I push myself.

The classes themselves book up fairly quickly – especially the prime hour classes and themed rides, so definitely be sure to check the calendar ahead and be ready to sign up at 12 on Monday when the classes officially open for the week. Before class I always try to arrive about 15 minutes early, the studio is wild before class with people leaving and coming in.  I also like to give myself enough time to get my bike set up, my weights switched out ( I use 3 lbs ) and leave a little time to get a quick warm up in before the class fully begins.

So all that being said, $30 is a lot of money to shell out for a class – trust me if anyone understands that it is me and my bank account.  TBH, it is worth every penny to me.  SoulCycle is not just a way to workout and push myself harder than I normally would in a gym.  It is a fun dance party where I can learn the latest tunes – typically I go home and download almost every song from that classes playlist.  It is a way to meet people and socialize, I have several Soul-friends who I have met through class.  It is therapy.  Truly…it is.  Each instructor has their own way of building you up, allowing you to leave class feel motivated, energized and empowered.  So if you think about it that way, you are going to a great party with some of the best music, meeting like-minded friends and having the best therapy session of your life – it is totally worth that $30 price tag!

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