Why I Am Totally Hooked On Castor Oil

I have always wanted thick hair, full eyebrows and long eyelashes, always.  Instead I was born with super fine hair, relatively small eyebrows and what I consider to be decent eyelashes.  Extensions were never my thing, I was always afraid my hair would fall out if I decided to try them.  I have had eyebrow tints and I like them, I just am not dedicated enough to do the monthly upkeep.  Eyelash extension – well they look amazing, but again I have heard horror stories of your own eyelashes falling out after too many applications, NO THANK YOU.  I try taking biotin and specialized shampoos to help, but usually nothing works.  That is until I started using Castor Oil….

Castor Oil, what is it?  Castor Oil use dates back for years and is known as one of the first natural skin care remedies.  Used for skin treatments, acne, hair growth and even immunity system support – Castor Oils benefits can be attributed to its chemical make-up.   It is classified as a type of triglyceride fatty acid and contains certain beneficial salts that function primarily as skin-conditioning agents.  Its chemical DNA is also used to help to stabilize the texture and consistency of all products it is used in, which is why castor oil is so often used in hair and skin products.  Proven benefits of using Castor Oil include increasing circulation, chapped skin/lips repair, sunburns and hair growth.

I have been using Castor Oil for about a month now for a few different reasons and the results I have seen thus far have been incredible.

  • Acne Treatment 
    • I have placing a drop of Castor Oil on any acne spots/scars at night before bed and have significantly noticed a decrease in redness/swelling.
  • Eyelash Growth 
    • This is probably where I have seen the most dramatic improvement since using the oil.  I dip a mascara applicator ( you can buy them in bulk here ) into the oil and apply to my lashes – similar to as if you were actually putting on make up.  I use it on both top and bottom lashes before bed.  You only need a small amount of the oil because it spreads.  I have noticed in the past few weeks my lashes are longer and thicker – it is AMAZING!!!!!! If you are skeptical at all of Castor Oil, please just try it on your lashes.  I promise you will see results.
  • Eyebrow Thickness
    • Using a mascara applicator I also swipe oil on my eyebrows at night as well.  I have also noticed pretty amazing results here.  My brows are more shapely and full – they are also SO much easier to tame
  • Lip Treatment
    • I am absolutely OBSESSED with using this on my lips in the morning and at night to moisturize them.  They feel silky soft the rest of the day, they look smoother and fuller as well.  I usually get chapped lips in the winter months and I have totally avoided it by using Castor Oil.

Personally, I am hooked on Castor Oil… I have been using this one for about a month and my bottle has hardly gone down.  If you are looking for an at home remedy to skin/hair based issues you might be having I would highly recommend checking out Castor Oil!



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