I’m all *Heart Eyes* for These Workout Pieces

I have been on such a Lululemon and Nike kick for my workout gear but sometimes I feel like I am shelling out more than my bank account would approve of….  I mean there are some things that I really stand behind.  Like Wunder Under pants or a great pair of Nike sneaks – those things cannot be replaced.   But what about everything else….do I need to be cashing out top dollar for clothes that I am just going to get sweaty in ?

Up until 2 weeks ago, I thought my Forever21 days were long behind me.  I no longer had the patience to sift through thousands of racks in a store that was stimulus overload.  I also have had it up to here with crop tops, literally felt like everything in F21 was a crop top…. is anyone else with me on that?  Well I had to stop in to find a couple cheap stack-able bracelets the other day and while I was browsing the accessories section, my eyes wandered to the athletic department which was conveniently located right next to me.  TBH I never EVER considered the idea of buying workout pieces from F21…until that moment.

Sooo long story short, I ended up leaving the store with 9 sports bras and 4 leggings – and the best part, I spent less than $100 for everything!!! So far I have worn a few pieces to some fitness classes and have been happy with how they have held up.  The leggings hold shape and the sports bras are super cute !  I have linked a few pieces I am eyeing up for my next splurge!

Leggings :

  • White Mesh Panel Leggings – this is the pair I am wearing in the below image and I love them!!! I was concerned they might be see through but they are super thick!  Really cute on with any top
  • Palm Leaf Leggings  – how fun are these for the summer?! For less than $20 you cannot go wrong!
  • Capri Mesh Pants – I have these in both the teal and the pink.  They are so comfy and have a bit of a sheen to them, which I personally LOVE.
  • Marbled Leggings – I am loving everything marble right now, these pants are AMAZING!!!  Love them with the matching sports bra

Sports Bras :

  • High Impact Mesh Bra – I have this in white and it is amazing.  It looks so cute paired with high waisted leggings and it is stretchy while still being durable for those hard HIIT workouts.
  • Palm Leaf Bra – obviously you need the top to match the bottoms.  Cannot wait to wear this combo to my next SoulCycle class.
  • Mesh Crop Bra – LOVE this paired with some pink leggings – totally a cute way to feminism your workout gear!
  • Criss Cross  Bra – the back of this one is so cute and you can honestly wear this to any fitness class or gym workout!



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