What I actually learned at Wine School

As an attempt to kick the winter blues while squeezing in a date night – Blair and I decided to take a class at the Wine School of Philadelphia.  The Wine School of Philadelphia is located right off Rittenhouse on the cutest little block. The very quaint exterior sets your excitement level high for what is in store inside the small town home the school is located in.  When you step in the door, it feels cozy inside with the brick exposed walls, wine crates and corks displayed across the room.  The setting was definitely picturesque.

The Wine School offers a variety of classes ranging from beginner to sommelier level.  We settled on a class called “Discover your Wine Style” which helps novice wine drinkers decipher what wines are best in certain situations.   We were given 8 different wines to blindly taste throughout the class.  Each wine you were able to take time to smell and taste the flavors, eventually learning the type and what that wine would be best paired with.

I definitely took away some very helpful tips from the class like high acid wines are better with food and low acid wines are reserved for more happy hour/post dinner drinks.  Did you know wine should always be served at 55 degrees? Or that aged wine really does not taste any better than a brand new bottle.  Most importantly, that you never need to spend more than $20 on a bottle of wine.

If you are in the Philadelphia area I HIGHLY recommend checking out one of the classes the Wine School has to offer. It is the perfect date night or girls night out.  You can drink and learn a little something too – what is better than that! I know that their Whiskey tasting course is next on our list.  Cheers!


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