How to Cure Those Post Holiday Blues

It is that time of year again, that post holiday, freezing, dreary time of year.  Every January I find myself feeling blue.  A total come down from the high that is the holiday season.  This year I made it my mission to combat those feelings and make this stretch of cold a time to be excited about it.  So if you are like me, battling this seasonal depression, missing those Hallmark Christmas movies and wondering if Spring even exists….take some of my tips for kicking those post holiday blues to the curb!

  • Sign up for fun fitness classes!
    • Yes, this is the time of year where resolutioners can be found left and right at the gym.  Why not join the club?  Sign yourself up for a fun themed Taylor Swift ride at SoulCycle or sweat out last nights Chardonnay at a CorePower Hot Yoga flow.  Fitness classes can make for a healthy date night option or a fun girls night out.
  • Do a total makeover
    • Have you been thinking about trying a new hairstyle or doing a wardrobe reboot?  Now is the time!  The new year brings a fun new spirit to us all where we feel like we are reborn so why not try that ombre style you have been loving.  Also, this is the best time of year to go shopping.. uh hello post-holiday sales!
  • Plan weekend getaways
    • How nice does a long weekend skiing or a getaway to somewhere warm.  This time of year is a great time to take a mini trip as rates are pretty low for airfare and hotels.
  • Partake in Restaurant Week or other local happenings.
    • One thing I do love about post holidays is that the city is looking for other ways to boost revenue… AKA Restaurant Week.   Do you need more of a reason to try that restaurant you have been dying to go to when you can get a full course meal for $35?!
  • Use that Christmas cash and treat yourself to a Spa Day!
    • No explanation needed for this!

Here is to hoping these little tricks help make this the most fun season for you yet… or at least helps you survive until Spring.

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