Turning 28.

I never thought too deeply into birthdays before this one.  Previously, birthdays just felt like another day to me.  Obviously a fun day where you were showered with love, appreciation, food and gifts – but otherwise, just a day.  I have never been that girl that has wanted a big birthday party or to do something elaborate – dinners and drinks with the ones I love were just fine by me.  For some reason, this year, my birthday felt different.  Turning 28 felt like a bigger deal.  It was like magically at this moment I truly felt like an adult..

27 was a mixed bag of a year.  Parts of it were amazing, parts were incredibly tough.  I felt like 27 was a year where I really grew mentally and emotionally.  With the amount of change 27 brought, I knew 28 was going to bring even more.  In my head, as a 16 year old, at 28 I thought I would have a husband, kids, a high paying job that allowed me to drive a Range Rover and live in a McMansion on the Main Line of Philadelphia.  Fast forward to now, to me actually turning 28.. I have none of that.  And that is OK!  Because what I do have is an amazing family, a loving boyfriend, a dog who I consider my child and a job I wake up excited for each and every day.

This year rather on focusing on what I do not have at 28, I want to focus on what I can accomplish at 28!  Cheers to another year!

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