2016 was a pretty great year, it is almost hard to imagine how 2017 could top it.  In 2016 I traveled to some pretty incredible places : Iceland, Florida, Chicago, Gulf of Mexico, New York City, Atlanta, Hershey, D.C, the Jersey Shore and Ocean City.  I made a massive career shift and could not be [...]

Turning 26

On January 10th I turned 26.  This was a particularly hard pill to swallow, birthday wise.  I know, 26 is nothing - I am still young, I have the world ahead of me...trust me I have heard it all when it comes to my complaints about turning 26.  But to me, this year seemed extra [...]

Bye Summer. Hi Fall 

Bye Summer. Hi Fall 

Did you all know the second largest healthy-lifestyle wave, following New Years Day, is the day after Labor Day.  At this point we have over indulged more than enough on Food Truck Food, Summer-Shandy's, Rose Wine and TONS of Pizza - its time to clean up our act and our diets. I partnered with one [...]